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Physical gold

Investments in physical gold have historically provided their holders with relative long-term stability and valuable diversification opportunities. As a hedge against inflation or excess market volatility, gold might present a valuable addition to your investment portfolio across changing economic environments.


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Investment opportunities


Baltic International Bank offers an innovative investment calculator, a tool where you can get acquainted with the Bank's current offer and select and choose different investment products according to your interests, find out the key indicators, i.e. the expected return, terms, possible risks, as well as apply for a consultation with the Bank's investment specialist.



To benefit from the metal’s significant diversification potential and value-storing properties, you may purchase physical gold from the Bank and then use the Bank’s gold bullion custody service. The Bank offers for purchase gold bullion of the highest 999 purity; each gold bullion bar weighs one kilogram.  


If you decide to store the purchased gold at Baltic International Bank (under a safe custody agreement), we guarantee the safety of your gold and, should you decide so, undertake to buy out your gold at the fair market value. Mind that under this arrangement, your gold remains your property at all times and hence will be stored separately from the Bank’s assets.


Throughout Europe, including in Latvia, investments in gold are exempt from the value added tax, making it an even more attractive investment opportunity.



Physical gold in Baltic International Bank


Gold has consistently maintained its value as a long-term investment and offers some valuable diversifications opportunities in combination with other financial instruments


A possibility to store purchased gold in the safe vaults of Baltic International Bank


Should you decide to sell your gold deposited in safe custody at the Bank, we will ensure that you can do so within one business day

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