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Baltic International Bank offers you the types of trade finance and documentary operations that suit your financial situation best and ensures successful conduct and development of your business.


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Baltic International Bank offers types of trade finance and documentary operations designed to ensure safety in dealing with local and foreign companies, to optimize your company’s cash flow and to provide assistance to participate in different procurement tenders.

Trade finance offers the possibility to finance a trade transaction while optimizing your company’s cash flow. This service can be used as an alternative to such banking product as credit line. Baltic International Bank offers various types of trade finance - pre-export financing, post-export financing and post-import financing.

Documentary collections is a financial service ensuring that the seller receives (through the Bank’s intermediation) money from the buyer of the goods /services against presentation of shipping documents and other documents. The seller’s bank sends the documents to the buyer’s bank together with the accompanying collection letter (collection order) which contains payment instructions. The money is remitted to the seller’s account, and the seller is notified of a successful completion of the transaction.

Letter of Credit is a financial service which allows you to feel more secure that you will receive payment for the goods exported by your company or the imported goods will be delivered to you.

Baltic International Bank deals with export and import letters of credit. Payments by letter of credit also ensure high-level legal safety since they are subject to the regulations binding for all banks in the world.

Guarantee is an irrevocable document issued by the Bank guaranteeing that the beneficiary (the person in whose favour the guarantee is given) will receive the amount of money specified in the guarantee upon the beneficiary’s request formulated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Baltic International Bank issues the types of guarantee as follows: Advance Payment Guarantee, Bid Bond (Tender Guarantee), Performance Guarantee, Payment Guarantee, Collateral Guarantee, Customs Guarantee, Guarantee for Warranty Obligations. All issued guarantees comply with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and international regulations. 


Trade finance in Baltic International Bank


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Bank’s specialists will offer best financing solutions for your business needs. This will enable you to develop your business more flexibly and successfully and hedge against potential risks associated with trade finance


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