Trading platforms

Using the online trading platforms provided by Baltic International Bank, you can independently make transactions with a multitude of financial instruments, currency pairs and derivative financial instruments, without your personal banker’s or broker’s assistance.


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BIBTrader is an electronic trading platform of Baltic International Bank that provides access to the leading stock exchanges of Europe and North America. The platform allows you to trade a range of financial instruments, including stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and currencies.

Staying up to date with the current events on financial markets is crucially important for the achievement of your investment goals. The trading platform BIBTrader includes a wide range of instruments for performing thorough technical and fundamental analyses – all to ensure that you make the right move at the right time.

Baltic International Bank provides the possibility to make transactions on the foreign exchange market using the electronic trading platform BIB Margin Trading. Through this platform, you can trade more than 40 currency pairs as well as investment assets, such as gold and silver. A professional news feed, a wide selection of analytical tools, and regular market intelligence are also at your disposal at all times. 


Trading platforms

BIBTrader / BIBTrader GO

Regardless of whether you are only beginning your journey in the world of investments or you are an experienced investor interested in faster and more efficient investment portfolio management, the BIBtrader platform will provide you with the toolkit and support necessary to successfully attain your investment goals.

BIB Trader Go Trading platform


  • Convenient portfolio management anywhere in the world
  • Possibility to trade on the world’s major stock and futures exchanges during their business hours regardless of differences in time zones and the Bank’s business hours
  • Latest market information
  • Transparent pricing
  • Professional analytical support.


You are free to choose between two platform versions, whichever is most convenient for you. The first platform is BIBTrader (a downloadable platform that is installed on your computer). The second platform is BIBTrader GO (available through any web browser and supported on computers and other mobile devices).


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BIB Margin Trading


If you have experience in trading and you are ready to accept additional risk in order to maximize potential profit of your trades, then FOREX marginal trading could be the instrument of your choice. Alternatively, marginal currency trading is a capital-efficient way of hedging your other currency exposures and reducing the volatility of your total portfolio. 

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Trading platforms in Baltic International Bank


A possibility to make round-the-clock transactions on global financial markets every business day


You may choose a solution that best suits your personal needs among the electronic trading platforms offered by the Bank


If you have an account with the Bank, we will open a securities account for you within one day


Prior to making a decision to conclude an agreement with Baltic International Bank regarding provision of investment services, in addition to the respective agreement presented to you by your private banker please be acquainted also with the following documents:

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