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Description of real estate

Traleru Street, Riga

Address Traleru Street, Riga
Area 30122 m2
Cadastral No. 0100 120 1406
Price EUR 550 000
Contacts (+371) 6700 0444
Location of the real property

The property is located in Mangalsala, which is a neighbourhood in Riga. The neighbourhood consists of mixed commercial and residential buildings as well as undeveloped land and forest areas. Infrastructure facilities (fuel stations, shops, cafes, a school, etc.) are located at a distance of 500 m – 7 km.

Access to the property under appraisal is from Traleru Street by a road with asphalt pavement of satisfactory quality. The property is adjacent to Traleru Street, and it is also possible to access the property from Viznu Street.



Characteristics of the land plot

The land plot is not developed. The configuration of the land unit is an irregular polygon. The property is located in a forest area (on flat land), in a mixed forest (mainly pine), 2 km from the sea and 12 km from the centre of Riga. Most of the land is covered with shrubs and conifers. The access road has asphalt pavement.

Property description

The property is located in a forested area, in a pine forest, 2 km from the sea and 15 km from the centre of Riga. All urban utility services are provided in the property, including gas, electricity, water supply and sewerage, telephone and asphalted access roads.


According to the new spatial planning of Riga until 2030, a new zoning has been established for the land plot. The (permitted) use of the area is as follows: Private house building area (DzS2), for which the maximum building density is set at 20%, and the main use of the area is Private (detached) houses. According to the new planning, it would be possible to create about 10-11 separate land plots (with an area of each plot slightly over 2,000 sq m) on the land plot, as well as the access road needed for them.  

Connection to utility systems

The land plot is without utility systems. Most of the land is covered with shrubs and conifers. 

It is planned to build a central water supply and sewerage system of Rigas udens SIA from Mangalu Avenue along the dike – in the direction of Mangalsala along the entire length of Stavvadu, Veiksmes, Albatrosu and Traleru Streets, ensuring the construction of connected supply lines to the apartment buildings.

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