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Description of real estate

1 Atbalss Street, Jurmala

Address 1 Atbalss Street, Jurmala
Area 25340 m2
Cadastral No. 1300 017 1105
Price EUR 1 650 000
Contacts (+371) 6700 0444
Real property

A land plot with an area of 25,340 sq m and 24 buildings located on it (according to property inventory files No. 001 – No. 024), cadastral No. 1300 017 1105 (kemping Nemo) 

Location of the real property

Located at 1 Atbalss Street, Vaivari, Jurmala, in the block between Atbalss and Alksnu Streets and the Gulf of Riga, in the area of the former water amusement park Nemo, at a distance of ~ 400 m from Asaru Avenue, ~ 200 m from the Gulf of Riga, ~ 1.4 km from the central part of Vaivari and ~ 8 km from Majori neighbourhood, which is the central part of Jurmala. In the immediate vicinity, there are various recreational facilities, such as sanatoriums, vacation retreats, the Rehabilitation Centre Vaivari, hotels as well as commercial facilities, such as shops, cafes, fuel stations, etc. 


Characteristics of the land plot

The land plot is rectangular. The land plot can be accessed from Asari Avenue, which is the main transport artery of Jurmala. The land plot is located at the intersection of Atbalss and Alksnu Streets, and its third edge borders on a forest plot belonging to the city of Jurmala. Buildings and structures occupy ~ 20% of the land plot, and the rest of the land plot is plantations as well as asphalt and gravel paths.


Description of the real property

The 24 buildings (according to property inventory files No. 001 – No. 024) are short-term usage structures (camping houses). Access roads to the property are asphalted. 80% of the land plot is asphalted too.

According to the Jurmala City Development Plan, the land plot is located in the resort area (K) and its main use is for the needs of the construction of health care, rehabilitation and recreational institutions and sports buildings with a maximum development density of the land plot of 30% and land development rate depending on the permissible number of floors, but not more than 300% in case of four or more floors, which should be justified by an assessment of the local conditions of the building area and nearby buildings by developing a detailed plan, but in general not exceeding twelve floors.

At the same time, in accordance with the Jurmala City Development Plan, the land plot is located in the prospective area of the sports and recreational centre Kapa, and therefore individual building development indicators are applicable to the land plot at 1 Atbalss Street: • Maximum development density of the land plot: 85%, • Maximum land development rate: 870%, • Maximum building height: 60.0 m, • Minimum free green zone: 5%. However, these rules are valid under several additional conditions related to the implementation of the entire centre Kapa (a detailed plan of the area where the project is to be located is developed; the construction intention is examined by the Urban Development Advisory Board and the recommendations of the Board are taken into account; a positive opinion from the Latvian Tourism Development Agency and other state and public organisations related to the provision of inbound tourism is received; an assessment of a licenced appraisal company on the economic viability of the project is obtained; an agreement between the municipality and the project developer is signed).

Connection to utility systems

The real property is connected to all utility systems: centralised power supply, water supply from an artesian well and local treatment facilities. Connections to the city sewerage and gas pipeline are possible.

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