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News - December 16, 2022

Dear customers!

To ensure the stability of Latvia’s financial sector and protecting the interests of bank’s customers and creditors, the Board of the The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) decided to suspend the provision of financial services at Baltic International Bank SE during the extraordinary meeting of 12 December 2022. It means that the cards, online banking and payments of Baltic International Bank SE are suspended.

The decision is taken to prevent a bank run and protect the interests of bank’s customers and creditors until further decisions will be made. Currently the FCMC does everything to begin the process of disbursement of the guaranteed compensation for Baltic International Bank SE customers as soon as possible.

Bank customers have to follow information on the FCMC website https://www.fktk.lv/en/ and media, where explanation will be given about when and what the bank's customers should do to receive their funds deposited in Baltic International Bank SE. It will happen in the following days.

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