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Baltic International Bank: set to reinforce its customer service staff

We are proud to announce that two seasoned professionals possessing vast experience gained in Latvian and international financial markets have joined our executive team this week. While working for Latvia-based SEB bank, Viktors Bolbats was in charge of services provided to sizeable corporates. The other outstanding expert Guntars Reidzāns headed Private Banking at Swedbank. From left side: Viktors Bolbats and Guntars Reidzāns “During the past few years, the entire financial services industry worldwide, including Latvian banking sector, are undergoing drastic changes. Banking customers get increasingly sophisticated and therefore more demanding. Although the modern technologies and digital communication have become a vital part of our everyday life, customers specifically focus on bespoke financial solutions and top-quality personalised service when choosing a bank to-be-involved in managing their own or family wealth. Our domestic and foreign customers highly appreciate Bank’s wealth management solutions that best suit their individual needs,” said the Chairperson of the Management Board Ilona Gulchak. „We are sure the professionals like Viktors Bolbats and Guntars Reidzāns will enable Bank to amalgamate Bank’s 24-year experience in providing services to HNWIs with the know-how acquired in other markets and hence foster further development and accessibility of Baltic International Bank also to the domestic-market customers. We are pleased with the ever-opening opportunities to boost our growth while dealing with our current customers and to offer financial services and wealth management solutions for a new target audience comprising individuals and companies both in Latvia and overseas!” emphasised I.Gulchak. Before joining our team, Viktors Bolbats has held various senior positions at SEB bank, predominantly in the area of Corporate Customer Service, over the past 8 years. V. Bolbats graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and earned his MBA from the Riga Business School. Guntars Reidzāns is well-positioned to take the lead in our customer service. His previous work experience at Latvian Swedbank and GE Money Bank has been largely associated with rendering services to corporates in Latvia and Russia. Also, his private-banking managerial positions in Latvia and the Baltic States (2011 to 2017) and his working relationship with local and foreign customers will prove conducive to shaping Bank’s success. G.Reidzāns is a holder of Executive MBA from the Riga Business School and of MBA from the University of Latvia.

Latvia is assigned a high score on the Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index

The Basel Institute of Governance has put Latvia in the 14th place on its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index. Within the one-year timeframe, Latvia has improved its positions on the Index by 14 places. The Basel Institute of Governance measures the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing of countries. The Index mainly addresses the elements of the overall AML/CFT framework and other related factors such as financial transparency and judicial strength. This year, the experts assigned the highest score to Finland. For the last four years, Finland remained the lowest risk country in the Basel AML Index. Lithuania and Estonia managed to keep their positions from 2016, holding the second and the third positions. Iran and Afghanistan, with their money laundering risks and high rates of perceived corruption, are the high-risk countries in the 2017 Basel AML Index. The Basel AML Index is a composite index, which entails that the overall score is a weighted average of 14 indicators. The Basel Institute does not generate its own data but relies on data from various publicly available sources such as the FATF, the Financial Secrecy Index, Transparency International, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and other data. The indicators are grouped into the following five categories:   money laundering and terrorist financing risk; corruption risk; financial transparency & standards; public transparency & accountability; and political risk. The Basel AML Index

Baltic International Bank has established an alternative investment management company AS BIB Alternative Investment Management

On 11 July 2017, the Council of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) adopted a decision to grant a license of the alternative investment fund manager to the management company AS BIB Alternative Investment Management established by the Bank. Baltic International Bank is actively implementing a new strategy with focus on sustainable investments. The establishing of the alternative investment management company AS BIB Alternative Investment Management is the next step in the implementation of the Bank's strategy that will provide opportunity to existing and potential clients of the Bank to engage in private equity deals, supporting the development of sustainable business projects and thus generating capital gains by investing responsibly and taking care of the environment. The purpose of the newly established alternative investment management company AS BIB Alternative Investment Management is to found and manage an alternative investment fund with objective to make investments in the field of renewable energy. The strategy of the fund  will be based on private equity investments in alternative energy sector in Germany, Italy, the Baltic States, and private equity investments in companies in other European countries operating as wind and solar parks, cogeneration plants. etc. By developing a range of products focused on responsible and sustainable investments, the Bank intends to offer its clients not only the opportunity to engage in private equity deals by buying shares of alternative investment fund, but also the opportunity to participate in individual private equity transactions and becoming co-owners of specific enterprises.

Baltic International Bank receives the Gold Award from the Sustainability Index and the Status of Family-Friendly Enterprise

Yesterday, on 1 June, the results of the annual Sustainability Index were announced. We are proud of having received the highest-level gold award! Bank’s strategy is geared towards sustainable development and responsible investments. Over the past years, Bank has implemented a vast array of initiatives specific to socially responsible businesses. Throughout 2016, Bank devoted special efforts to enhance corporate governance, improve workplace environment, and carry out measures aimed at environmental protection. Bank supported culture- and art-related projects of great importance for Latvia and launched new socially significant projects. As the Gold Award holder, we are extremely proud to have been awarded by the Sustainability Index for our performance! This week, Bank has received one more award in recognition of our sustainable and socially responsible performance. For the first time, Bank has received the Status of Family-Friendly Enterprise. The status has been assigned to 31 Latvian enterprises which adhere, in their daily activities, to the principles underpinning family-friendly enterprise. We are proud to be a good employer for our team members and a reliable partner for our customers! The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool based on internationally recognised methodology that helps companies to assess their business sustainability and level of corporate responsibility in five areas: strategy, market relations, working environment, ecology, and society. The Sustainability Index is organized by the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (ICSR) in cooperation with the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS). Bank earned the Bronze Award in 2014 and then the Silver Award in 2016 in the annual Sustainability Index. This year, Bank has been named the recipient of the Gold Award. The Welfare Ministry of the Republic of Latvia assigns the Status of Family-Friendly Enterprise. This year, the status has been assigned for the tenth consecutive time for the purpose of popularizing the very idea of a family-friendly enterprise and involving more and more new enterprise into the process. In close liaison with the Sustainability Index, the enterprises have been developing (since 2011) the criteria relevant to implementing the family-friendly policy. The criteria are included into the survey sheet of the Sustainability Index.

A modern investment strategy is changing the audience for non-resident services - Ilona Guļčaka in interview to newspaper Dienas bizness

A modern investment strategy is changing the audience for non-resident services, says Ilona Guļčaka, Chair of the Board at Baltic International Bank in interview to business newspaper Dienas bizness. "We look at ESG not only as an approach to investments and lending, but in principle we also try to apply it to routine banking operations – to save resources, participate in social projects, support art and culture. We believe that if we have money, we are responsible for what we do with this money by investing it, as well as by using it in day-to-day operations. (..) ESG isn’t just about being green, it is a completely different approach to everything you do. (..) It is a responsibility approach."  Read full interview with Ilona Guļčaka

Baltic International Bank is launching a new model of tactical allocation of financial instruments portfolios

As part of the implementation of our new strategy in our investment advisory business, we are excited to launch a line of highly-efficient index-based investment solutions that complement our diverse existing active offerings. These products present investment portfolio strategies with a high level of diversification across assets, industries, and asset classes, as well as low fees and high transparency. The quasi-passive approach we employ allows us to benefit from both increased economies of scale and our renowned client orientation to deliver superior value for our clients in a changing environment. The three investment strategies developed in-house by the experts of Baltic International Bank are designed to suit different levels of desired risk and return: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive. In constructing these strategies, we focus on two highly-important choices: strategic and tactical allocation. The strategic allocation reflects our views of the major asset classes’ long-term term contributions to risk and return of a portfolio and their potential to meet the goals of an individual client. The tactical allocation mirrors our views about the current market landscape and key trends and is a product of a careful analysis by our investment team. We see smart strategic allocations as key to meeting our clients’ long-term financial goals and tactical allocation as a useful tool to navigate the complex market environment to maximise the value we create for our clients. The broad asset classes include: Equities in developed (the US, Europe, Japan) and emerging markets (EM). Investment-grade and high-yield bonds of US, European, and EM issuers. Real assets including commodities (energy, industrial metals, precious metals, and agricultural goods) and real estate & infrastructure. Cash. A Conservative portfolio is appropriate for an investor whose top priorities are ensuring capital preservation and earning a moderate rate of return on investment, while minimising the short run volatility of the portfolio’s value.  A Balanced portfolio is appropriate for investors seeking to pursue higher-return opportunities and standing ready to bear moderate short-term volatility. An Aggressive portfolio is appropriate for investors expecting high potential long-run returns and are able to accept significant short-term volatility. Our investment experts will help you select the strategy that suits you best, ensuring that the resulting portfolio is: In line with your financial goals and your experience of dealing with financial instruments. Consistent with your desired level of risk. Our team will professionally manage your portfolio, analyse financial markets, identify and act on key market trends, and inform you about the factors behind our investment decisions, your portfolio’s performance, and other relevant matters. You will regularly receive reports on the performance of your individual portfolio of financial instruments. Please get in touch with your private banker for more detailed information about the opportunities of investing your assets in the portfolios offered by Baltic International Bank. Investment services, including deposits in financial instruments, are associated with risks described in the document "Description of Financial Instruments and Inherent Risks".

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