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Changes relating to transactions in the Internet Banking and card payments in the internet environment

On 1 April  2017, the EBA’ s Guidelines on the Security of Internet Payments and the Financial and Capital Market Commission’s Regulations on Enhancement of the Security of Internet Payments will become binding upon the financial market participants. The Guidelines and the Regulations have been issued to strengthen requirements for the security of internet payments.  In view of sky-rocketing technological advances, customer-favoured tendencies to use remote banking services, growth of IT security threats and in order to enhance the security of internet payments, the financial market participants are required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) when conducting transactions in the Internet Banking and making card payments in the internet environment. The two-factor authentication is mandatory from 1 April 2017. Transactions in the Internet Banking Starting from1 April 2017, every single transaction in the Internet Banking must be validated by the unique code generated by DigiPass identifier or DigiPass for Mobile. The requirement applies whenever you: submit your payment order to transfer money to a private person’s or legal entity’s accounts held with Baltic International Bank (intra-bank transfers) or to other Latvian or foreign banks; submit your request for cash withdrawal; use payment import services to process payment packages; conduct currency-conversion operations; submit free-form notices/messages to Bank. Online card payments When making card payments online, the cardholders will be required to enter the SecureCode together with OTP (a one-time password) to validate the transaction at the online merchants who ask to verify the deal with additional authentication (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by VISA).  OTP will be loaded on the cardholder’s mobile phone as SMS. The 2FA requirement will take effect on 1 April 2017. Bank will send OTPs to mobile phone numbers registered with Bank for the purposes of sending card-transaction messages over SMS banking facility. If you are not a user of SMS banking facility or if you want to provide other mobile phone number, please send (in the Internet Banking environment) your free-form message and indicate the number for receiving OTP. The deadline: 30 March 2017. Please contact your private banker if you need further clarification.  

“Baltic International Bank Latvian Barometer”: Public Mood More Optimistic

The latest “Baltic International Bank Latvian Barometer” study has found that the public mood has become more optimistic. Indices have significantly improved in the assessment of the present and future. Furthermore, people have also become more positive towards the work of the government, as well as regarding prospects of finding a good job. Results of the study show that, compared to December, in January respondents had a more positive outlook on the current economic situation in Latvia. The index has increased by five points from -35 to -30. Likewise, people’s forecasts as to the economic situation in Latvia a year from now are also up by three index points – from -9 to -6. In December, respondents strongly criticised the work of the government, with the assessment plunging by 11 points, however, results of the study show that, in January, public dissatisfaction has lessened. The assessment of the work of the government has improved by nine points, nevertheless the majority (77%) of respondents are still dissatisfied with the work of the government, whereas only 15% said they were content with it. In turn, public outlook on prospects of finding a good job show more positive changes. Every month respondents have been pessimistic about their chances of finding a good job in Latvia, however, in January this indicator has finally improved, and is up by six index points. The variable part of the study looked at people’s assessment of their current home, criteria for purchasing a home, as well as their opinion on using renewable resources in home maintenance. The results of the second part of the study will be published on 20 March.

Baltic International Bank – new visual identity and homepage

Today, 01 March 2017, is an important day in the history of Baltic International Bank - the Bank starts using a new visual identity and a new, updated homepage is now available to all existing and potential customers, business partners of the Bank and other interested persons! Last autumn Baltic International Bank approved a new business strategy that is based on the ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria and aimed at investing responsibly. Our goal is to make investments and give the opportunity to our customers to pass their wealth down to the next generations in an environmentally friendly manner by investing in the promising production of renewable energy in Europe as well as in other projects ensuring that new generation technologies are implemented in our daily life. Chairperson of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank Ilona Guļčaka "While actively implementing the Bank’s business strategy focused on sustainable investments, we are not only developing new products and services but have created a new, contemporary visual identity fulfilling the Bank’s strategy as well as a new homepage on the Internet. We are proud of being able to constantly enhance the solutions and opportunities that we offer to our customers!", I. Guļčaka continues. The colour of the new trademark chosen by Baltic International Bank, i.e. GREEN GOLD, unites to a unique symbiosis two crucial principal directions of the Bank’s activity: sustainable and environmentally friendly investment solutions daily banking services that meet our customers’ needs and high-level individual customer service

Bank significantly increases deposit rates

From 01 February 2017, Baltic International Bank significantly increases deposit interest rates in US dollars as a result of which they may now reach up to 2.15%. It is essential for Baltic International Bank to provide all customers of the Bank with the financial services they need on favourable terms and conditions. Therefore, we both actively develop alternative investment services and offer varied possibilities to invest in financial markets as well as care for customers intending to place their funds in a classical deposit account.lona Guļčaka, Chairperson of the Management Board of Baltic International Bank In accordance with the Bank’s strategy and portfolio management principles, Baltic International Bank will invest the deposited funds in different environmentally friendly projects; as a result, the Bank’s customers will not only get higher interest rates but will also make their contribution into environmental conservation and development. Also, Baltic International Bank offers good opportunities to deposit your free funds in other currencies, i.e. EUR and GBP. You may read more about the new, increased standard deposit rates on the deposit's page; for personalised offer, please contact your personal banker.